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Collection of fun and interesting facts about Oklahoma City

Myriad Botanical Garden in Oklahoma City, OKThanks for showing interest in the city we have been serving for a while! The crew of Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Oklahoma City is excited to introduce to you the town we have many connections to and we hope that you will enjoy this short introduction. The aim of this guide is to help you prepare for your first trip to Oklahoma City or in case you have already visited it, to offer you new places to explore. We will explain some of the basic information about the city so you will have some background knowledge about it and then we will suggest a few spots. By no means is this an all inclusive guide about Oklahoma City, the goal here is to make you interested to explore it. We are very proud to serve to local car owners of Oklahoma City and that’s part of the reason why we have launched this page, so new people can get to know it. We can say for sure that if you plan a trip here, you will not regret it and you will want to return to find out more about OKC. We will start with a few fun facts about the city and then recommend some of our favorite places you can visit.

General Facts about Oklahoma City:

OKC is the county seat of Oklahoma County and it is the largest city in the state.

The current population of the city is 688,000, aming it the 20th largest city in the United States.

There are almost 1,400,000 people living in the larger metro area near Oklahoma City.

OKC has a huge livestock market, while the oil, petroleum and natural gas industries are also very significant in the city.

The city was founded in 1889 and interestingly the population of it grew to more than 10,000 just after a few short hours.

Because of it’s climate and weather Oklahoma City has been struck by many tornadoes in the last few decades.

The city is represented in the NBA by the basketball team of Oklahoma City Thunder.

The main neighborhoods in Oklahoma City

The BEST Restaurants near Oklahoma City, OK:

Kitchen No. 324

Our favorite tourist sights in Oklahoma City:

National Memorial and Museum
Myriad Botanical Gardens
Science Museum

While we hope that the information above have served as a further motivation for you t ovisit Oklahoma City, we know that by no means have we collected all the necessary information so you can plan your trip in details. So this article is just a little inspiration for you to do some of your own research to find out what are the most interesting spots for you in OKC. We can say for sure that each and every year many of our friends decidet o visit us in Oklahoma City and their number is growing year by year. This is because this city is such a fun place to explore! Even if you are coming here with your family with small children, we are sure that the entire family will find something they will enjoy while they are staying here. We are talking from experience when we say that no matter what type of programs or cultural sights you would like to see here, you will not regret your trip here. In case you have found some exciting new places you would like to share with other likeminded people, please le tus know and we will be happy to add them to our list. And don’t forget, if you are in OKC and need professional help with your car, you can always count ont he crew of Rhino Mobile Mechanics of Oklahoma CityOklahoma city, so just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

The Best Mobile Mechanic in Oklahoma City

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